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Oct 31, 2016


This Pulpit To Pew episode focuses on a much loved story from Jesus’ ministry on earth, illustrates how Christ always sees us, sees into our hearts, and is ready to draw us out of our brokenness and set us on the way to new life. Reverend Beverly Gibson shares her priestly origin story and some confessions of her...

Oct 27, 2016

In this episode, Rev. Gibson touches on the absurd and frightening news that swirls around us and draws us into its darkness and anger as we draw closer to the national election. Her insights on this week's lessons look at a long-term, long-view perspective that will hopefully make our present context seem small and...

Oct 18, 2016


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In this episode, the clear theme is perseverance (patience + faith in action). Although we may associate perseverance with struggle and difficulty, we might just as easily associate it with something more positive-discipline, which leads to accomplishment and growth.

Oct 9, 2016


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In this lively Pulpit To Pew episode, Reverend Beverly Gibson and Johnny Gwin explore how we personally, and as a community, see poverty and its complex causes and how it imprisons some of our neighbors. What is our role as Christians and citizens to be a resource to our...

Oct 5, 2016



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Whoa, we're excited by this Pulpit To Pew episode. A wee-bit long BUT we promise the discuss flows quickly as Rev. Gibson & Johnny Gwin discuss the complex readings and lessons this week concerning faith, obedience and doing what God expects from us.

What you will...