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May 18, 2016

No one can mess up the space that God inhabits. - Reverend Dean Beverly Gibson

Does God want us to make our own plans? What if our plan is in contrast to God's Plan (Genesis 11:1-9)? This week's lessons and sermon from Pentecost Sunday at Christ Church Cathedral in Mobile, Alabama goes from the Tower of Babel, the story of Pentecost (Acts 2:1-21), to Philip asking Jesus to "show us the Father"(John 14:8-17,25-27).

Reverend Dean Gibson discusses:
> how man's plans cannot disrupt God's plans.
> discovering and aligning our goals and visions with one's that resembles the "Jesus Movement."
> being filled and transformed weekly by the Holy Spirit to make life and share the Good News with the world when we leave our Church service.
> balancing a human or societal need plan and discovering "God's Plan."
> the "Godness" in all things especially in books, music, and art.
> leadership vision and how to direct what Christ Church Cathedral can be.
> generous listening, awareness and waiting patiently with "empty hands." (Annie Dillard's fishing technique)

Warning: Johnny brings up more ridiculous Star Trek religious analogies concerning Reverend Gibson's weekly lessons and sound insights. Please bare with his sci-fi obsession - being an enlightened and more spiritual being is a process.