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Mar 28, 2016

This bonus episode of Pulpit To Pew podcast Reverend Dean Beverly Gibson and Johnny Gwin discuss how the week 5 of Lent’s readings (Isaiah 42:16-21 & Philippians 3:4b-14) reminded them of Bob Dylan’s song Pressing On (1979). Like Saul’s transformation to Paul – Bob Dylan redefined his relationship with the Lord and became a born again Christian. Dylan created three albums of what has been called his “Gospel Trilogy” during this time in his life.

This segment is an excerpt from Ep. 5 – Pressing On (Mary Anoints Jesus’s Feet)

Why a bonus episode? Well, Reverend Gibson and Johnny talks are very free-form and always speak longer than the actual podcast length. There are many reasons to cut segments out of the interview to make the podcast. This 3 minutes was a segment that both Johnny and Beverly thought was fun and insightful and instead of cutting it – they wanted to find a way to share it. They hope you enjoy this episode as much as they enjoyed making it.