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Apr 25, 2016

In this episode, Rev. Beverly Gibson shares her favorite podcasts, her philosophy of sermon style and delivery, and how to prepare for a sermon (even when you don't feel so hot). Johnny gets excited because he manages to get Shawn Mullins, Eric Clapton, and J.J. Cale into this week's podcast.

Johnny was a sponsor for new church member Richie Scherer, and Reverend Dean Beverly Gibson was actually sitting in the pews this week for her daughter's confirmation. Bishop Russell Kendrick gave a rousing sermon and beautiful service at Christ Church Cathedral's 11th Annual Celebration. Due to all the festivities, Rev. Gibson suggested that we put together a Pulpit To Pew episode of some of the bonus material she and Johnny have cut from other shows.

What you will hear:
> Other podcasts on Reverend Gibson & Johnny's playlist.
> Why Reverend Gibson is hesitant to listen to other religious or preaching podcasts.
> Finding and growing a sermon style for a specific church audience and community.
> The importance in earning trust with an audience.
> How tough is it to deliver a sermon consistently and when you don't feel well?
> Psyching up or praying up to prepare for a sermon & Mass.
> A peek behind the curtain - pre-mass prep, prayers, and reminders for everyone on the alter. Especially the acolytes.
> Body language and facial expression feedback from the pews.
> Delivery and style sermon differences and diversity.
> The benefit of a microphone when preaching.
> Memorizing vs. outlines when delivering sermons.

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