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May 3, 2016

Peter had a vision to go to Macedonia and spread the word ofGod, and he set off on an a trek without thinking about theobstacles. Why do we modern Christians not have "visions" anymore?Would we even act on the message of the "vision"? Have we adultslost the ability to see the visual and sometimes not "rational"world of our spirituality? In this week's Pulpit To Pew ReverendGipson suggests that we should see the world and church servicesthrough the eyes and open mind of a child. We should make room forthe Holy Spirit by offering up drawing, art, music even gardeningas a way of prayerful action to God. Using Lynda Berry's "TheUnthinkable Mind" approach, being mindful of God's presence inscripture, church services, and the details of our life couldcreate an openness and new view of the joyous wonders of God andhis works. Johnny shares his love and benefits of sketchnoting inthe pews plus his St. Clare of Assisi Patron Saint of Televisionplastic glow in the dark miniature novelty statue.

Acts 16:9-15
Revelation 21:10, 22-22:5
John 14:23-29

On This Episode:
> What is Rogation Sunday?
> Episcopal prayers for commerce, industry and harvests
> The Tree of Life
> Who was Lydia, the Macedonian cloth merchant
> Modern day visions = crazy
> Episcopal mysticism - pursuit of contact with a spiritualtruth not in the rational perception
> Experiencing Scripture and Mass with the open mind of achild
> Should we have adult coloring books in the pews?
> Opening yourself o hearing and experiencing a whole bodyservice
> Making space for a the "advocate" - the Holy Spirit
> The Unthinkable Mind and world of Lynda Berry
> The process of making visions make sense of "visions" to themodern church congregation
> The Master and His Emissary (the right and left brain)
> Scientific proof of God as seen by The Story of God and MorganFriedman
> Icons and their place in religious tradition, language, andworship
> The tug of war between faith & proof
> The spiritual crisis of mid-life
> How church can and needs to be fun
> The importance of stimulating and engaging teens in Church,Services, and Scripture
> Why Reverend Gibson uses Twitter to know more about Beyonceand her Lemonade song
> The double aged sword & energy working with youngpeople
> Turning vision into action

Pulpit To Pew is a discussion between priest (Rev.Beverly Gibson) and parishioner (Johnny Gwin) on the weekly lessonsand readings. Please subscribe to the podcast on Apple iTunes,Overcast App, and of course