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Jun 28, 2016

Welcome to the 18th episode of Pulpit To Pew. Reverend Beverly Gibson and Johnny Gwin weigh many topics, including the pervasive and addictive nature of technology in our current society as well as the importance of escaping that technology. They also discuss the idea of taking inventory and analyzing the illusions and mindsets (shackles) that can block us from understanding others, positively moving forward and staying focused on your mission.

Bonus: Reverend Gibson shares that see is not a "Goody Two Shoes".

> Do we have the freedom to shatter those illusions and perspectives that distract us from our gifts, relationships with others and God?
> What shackles do you have in your life?
> How can I shatter my shackles and move forward on the right path?
> How do I want others to see?
> Are we willing to be brave enough to "break our shackles" and follow Jesus, now?

2 Kings 2:1-2, 6-14
Galatians 5:1,13-25
Luke 9:51-62


What you will hear:
> There may be some things we are shackled to that might be leading us on a path that we shouldn't be on.
> Distancing yourself from devices and perceptions that shackle and distract you from your gifts and your true path.
> Rigid perspectives & mindsets can harm us and cloud the truth
> The dangers of unexamined assumptions
> How your occupation and interests shape the way you see the world
> The "grooves" of our lives
> Confronting your illusions
> Elijah & Elisha lesson explained
> Paul's letter to the Galatians explained
> Flesh vs. the fruit of the Spirit
> The Vulcan view of diversity
> Letting go of my perspectives and mindsets
> Iceberg analogy of what people know and see
> Watch out for the manipulators in the world
> Hardcore Zen book reference - "Question everything and everyone"
> The hypocrisy of punk rock conformity
> Toni Morrison - Claiming the permission to succeed
> The importance of compassion and empathy with relationships
> Explanation of "anyone that looks back can not fit in the Kingdom of God"


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