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Oct 5, 2016



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Whoa, we're excited by this Pulpit To Pew episode. A wee-bit long BUT we promise the discuss flows quickly as Rev. Gibson & Johnny Gwin discuss the complex readings and lessons this week concerning faith, obedience and doing what God expects from us.

What you will here:
> How is our readings like singing and understanding the "Blues?"
> Jesus and Paul as CEO and business mentors.
> It's not the amount of faith you have, it's using it to do God's good works that counts.
> The importance of the physical Church and the important acts and example we set within the Church.
> Servant leadership for politicians and the whole community.
>Beverly shares wonderful insights on the beautiful Book of Lamentation, Paul's prison letters to Timothy and the service reading of Luke's gospel:

{Editor's Note: Text from Rev. Gibson's weekly worship email}
The reading from Luke's gospel comes from a passage in which Luke collects a number of Jesus' shorter sayings. The verses in our lesson follow his warning about being an impediment to those new to the faith (the outsiders Jesus has been bringing to him). Causing these "little ones" to "stumble" is a grave offense for a follower; the world is hard enough and will test their faith beyond endurance, so other believers must support and not challenge them. Jesus also calls in this section for repeated forgiveness; indeed, there is no limit to how far forgiveness must go. It is not surprising, then, that the disciples realize that they need more faith than they think they have! Jesus is quick to respond: it's not bigger faith you need, but an awareness of how big your God is. It is God who powers your faith, God who works through your small actions to accomplish his great things, God whose presence and action should never be forgotten. And don't think that hard work from us satisfies God: God expects our genuine service, done with gratitude. We do not earn anything through our service. Our value does not lie in service, but our expected obedience does.

Daily Takeaway:
The Good News is that God is with us, always. When the challenges we meet in life appear bigger than we can handle, we are to remember that God is handling them. We are just the obedient workers. God will give us more than we can ever deserve. This is the faith Paul expresses when he writes, "I know the one in whom I have put my trust, and I am sure that he is able to guard until that day what I have entrusted to him."

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