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Nov 10, 2016


In this podcast, Rev. Beverly F. Gibson and Johnny Gwin talk about healing a wounded nation and moving forward as a community after a tense, ugly & divided election by reflecting and putting into practice some of the most basic lessons of Jesus. Jesus offers his direction for how we should respond: "I say to you that listen, Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you, bless those who curse you, pray for those who abuse you." Let your cheek be struck without reciprocating; let someone who needs your coat take it. Give to everyone who begs from you. And finally, "Do to others as you would have them do to you." As a nation, we have a long journey ahead of us to unite such a broken spirit. Uniting the country is a large task but changing yourself and looking at learning to love better is something we can all do to start the healing process.

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What You Will Hear:
> Celebrating the gifts of those that have past before us
> The polarizing environment of the recent 2016 Presidential election cycle
> Creating a Church that is a welcoming and warm place for everyone
> Realizing our family, neighbors and friends are more important than political candidates and political issues
> Maureen Dowd's "Little Basket of Deplorable" discussion and examples.
> The good, bad and the ugly of social media
> Social media relationships are not true relationships and why
> Rev. Rob Gulledge and his John Wesley Facebook post that inspired Johnny to share a message of religious traditions od election etiquette and guidelines.
> Episcopal Church - The Republican Party in prayer myth addressed.
> Political tenor of Christian religion and from the pulpit.
> The old adage that your political vote is yours and should be sacred and doesn't always need to be shared.
> Valuing others on a political vote or affiliation is not in our Christian teaching or is it good for our community.
> CBS 60 Minute Frank Luntz discussion and insights. Everyone is talking, and no one is listening.
> Being seen fully and wholly for who we really are
> The Scripture lessons of patience and faith in the face of tough times
> Honestly, who are we perceived to be and who are we really? And knowing those tough and difficult truths
> Catching up a being aware of how we have changed and what are becoming
> Hearing the expansive music that is the "Divine Voice" from the lessons of Leonard Cohen.
> Lessons and advice in moving forward as a communtiy to get over the divisive nature of the past election.
> Get to know your real self and the real self of others
> Be hopeful and strive to have a better tomorrow for future generation
> Being "heard" by Washinton is abstract but our congressman and senators are a conduit to DC and can be "real people" and helpful
> The power of listening instead of always talking
> The church pulpit might be one of the only places left on earth were only the speaker is speaking.
> The energy of affirmation from a congregation for a priest or speaker.
> Simple good and bad ways to get the congregation attention from the pulpit. Humor always helps.
> The misunderstanding and hurtful nature of sarcasm
> Seeing Church as a School for Loving
> Learn to love better - others and ourselves and practice that
> The two great commandments.
> Love is the basic teaching of Jesus. Repeated over and over in the Scripture.
> Beautitudes - Love your enemies and those that curse you.
> American's mentality of win at all cost can be a barrier to being a transformed and giving member of a community or parish.
> Building from the "Glorious Bottom" - the Way of The Ashes
> Thinking, projecting and building a foundation for the future - works for business, church and for our spiritual life.
> The "community" mindset of the younger and millennial groups.

Weekly Readings:
Daniel 7:1-3,15-18
Ephesians 1:11-23
Luke 6:20-31

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