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Mar 28, 2016

In Ep.3 of Pulpit To Pew Podcast Reverend Dean Gibson and Johnny Gwin discuss the beauty, challenges and balance of being a preacher, teacher and performer from the pulpit. Dean Gibson revisits the discussion and importance of discernment in our spiritual and daily life and Johnny talks about his recent experience as a speaker and the concept of “failing forward” (a concept discussed by Scotty Russell). This episodes explores the Lenten theme of renewal and rejuvenation and as always we dive into the weekly lessons and gospels.

In this episode:

1.00: Dean Gibson’s preparation for creating a sermon.
2.11: Difference between preaching, teaching and performing from the pulpit
5.15: The beauty and challenge of preaching
5.40: Deeper discussion of discernment (Acts 2: 42-47)*
11.45: Failing Forward (concept of Scotty Russell)
12.32: The Burning Bush
14.40: Moses & modern day leaders
17.23: Reluctant leadership & battlefield promotions
19.00: The hope of the Priest for the Listener
21.03: Bearing Fruit lesson
22.40: Literal meaning of Lent
24.50: Episcopal vs. Catholic view of reading