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Dec 6, 2016

In this episode, we discuss prophet visions, repentance, God's covenant and preparing the way of the Lord. Forgiveness is the past, repentance is the future and repentance is a necessary component to our reconciliation with God. Rev. Beverly Gibson reveals the 3 "R's" of repentance:
> Recognize - who you are and where you are in your own internal narrative?
> Regret - examine and count the true cost of your sin for you and for others and what it has kept me from accomplishing in my life?
> Reorient - regain your bearing in your life and determine where you are headed after your turn around.

Prophet obsessed Johnny Gwin discusses his revelation of The Bible as one big promise and contract that God has with his people and how we repeatedly wander away and back to that covenant. Lastly, Rev. Gibson defines what is a Gentile, details the Court of the Gentiles and where is it located in the Church. Today's takeaway is to always strive to create a welcoming Church for others (especially strangers) and for Jesus to be pleased with out works upon his return.

Click to read Rev. Gibson's full Worship Notes

{Editor's Note: this is an excerpt from Rev. Gibson's Worship Notes}
On this second Sunday in Advent, we turn our attention to the prophets, those figures in life and history who have the capacity to see clearly the mistakes of the present and to foresee the possibilities of the future, whether these are catastrophic or idyllic.

...God sent the prophets as messengers to preach repentance and prepare the way for our salvation. We ask for grace to listen to their warnings and abandon our wrong ways so that we can greet the coming of Jesus Christ with joy.

...The call to repent this Advent season is extended to us as well. The reconciliation with us that God seeks, as well as the ministry of reconciliation to which we are called, demand that we should recognize our wrong behaviors and our wrong directions and reorient ourselves toward the way of Christ. This requires the hard work of coming to self-knowledge-and we probably know ourselves less well than we think.


What you will hear:
> The peaceful and reflective Advent Lessons & Carols Celebration
> The difficult and outcast lives of the Biblical Prophets
> Isaiah's vision of restoration & final day of the Lord
> The Last Days and the disruption of the Left-Behind
> The more kind and gentler view of the end of times and Rapture
> The Stump of Jesse - who is Jesse?
> Jesse was the father of David - chosen King by God's emissary - Ely
> Harmony and peace message of Isaiah's vision.
> John The Baptist preaching and retelling the vision and prophecy of Isaiah
> Johnny 's theory that The Bible is all a long term promise between God and his people.
> The simplification of the promise with Jesus and his single commandment: Love your God with all your heart.
> John The Baptist and Paul Preaching that the new Kingdom is for everyone including the Gentiles and not just the "sons of Abraham."
> The promise of being God's children and his relationship with him in the Garden of Eden
> A covenant of living in harmony with God and each other in continuing new ways
> The covenant - that agreement with God hits right at the heart of Reconciliation
> Repentance is a necessary part of Reconciliation
> Repent - means to turn around, look around and going in a new direction
> James Martin podcast with Kristen Tippet (podcast from 2014)
> James Martin and the Ignatian Way to form a relationship with God.
> Giving up something to be truly free
> The problems of working in the affluent world and the problems of the Rich
> Turning your back on something is not always bad, but that we can be freed by something
> David White and vocation - our progress thru life with our gifts God has given us and the path is not a straight path. It's a constant ebb and flow of forward progress that changes.
> Episcopal repentance vs. Catholic sacrament of confession
> Westworld (HBO show) analogy of the maze of the robots consciousness and the straight line path relationship with God
> The misconception of the straight line path of education and the process of learning
> An active spiritual life and dedication helps us with an unpredictable world
> Forgiveness is the past - Reconciliation is the future
> Reconciliation is the agreement of how people are going to come together and live as a one as a community
> The heart of Christian Teaching - God made us for himself but we have, over history, wandered away from him and God sent his only son to reset our relationship - The Ultimate Sacrifice
> The importance of the Confession of Sins and how it prepares us weekly for the taking of the Eucharist
> Anamnesis - you give something life as you relive it (Christmas)
> Christmas is more than Jesus' birthday
> Are we in a contract with God?
> Rev. Gibson's remembering her vow and promise to God as a priest
> Are we Gentiles?
> The Epistle lesson - Christ came not only for the Jews but also the Gentiles
> What is the Court of the Gentiles and where is it in the Church?
> Our Gentiles = strangers, outsiders and visitors
> We are all Gentiles and Paul's point is that Jesus came for everyone
> How welcoming are we to all the Gentiles?
> How do we make our Church more welcoming to strangers?
> When Jesus comes back will he find us welcoming to others and be pleased with our works?

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