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Jan 11, 2017

Pulpit To Pew - Podcast - Ep34 - Jesus - Baptism

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In this episode, Reverend Gibson and Johnny time travel from the Epiphany to the baptism of an adult Jesus by John The Baptist. This act is seen as the event that starts Jesus's earthly ministry. Have you ever wondered why the Son of God needed to be baptized? What does his baptism signify and how is it relevant in today's world and worship. Our baptism was the full inclusion in the Church and the gateway to everything in the Church for all of us. Join Beverly and Johnny as we take an in-depth look the inward and outward elements of this sacrament, sign and gift of God's grace - baptism.

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Sabbadoodle - Johnny Gwin - Pulpit To Pew - Ep34 - Jesus - Baptism

What you will hear:
> What is Epiphany and why we observe this day
> Downtown Abbey and Johnny's education of Epiphany and 12th Night
> Fast forward of Jesus's birth to immediately his baptism by John The Baptist
> The ministry of Jesus was short - maybe 5-7 years
> Why did Jesus need to be baptized?
> His baptism of the ever present lesser/greater message
> His baptism is an example that it serves all and Jesus model as a Servant King
> His baptism is a fulfillment of Old Testament prophecy and John The Baptist prophecy and mission
> His baptism is the initial coming of the Holy Spirit and it started with the one - Jesus
> Baptism was Jesus's first gift
> Baptism is the gateway to everything else
> Baptism is full inclusion in the Church
> Why do we baptize children?
> Jesus was always sure to check off the boxes of fulfilling Jewish Prophecy
> What is a sacrament?
> Baptism and Eucharist is seen by the Church to be essential in people's lives
> What's "sacramental" and what does it represent?
> "Sacramental" as slang and use by lay people concerning secular things
> Last Rights as an obligation and Beverly shares a touching story of a recent use of oil during an Unction visit
> Johnny needs "unction" defined?
> Go out into the world and be an example of God's grace and love
> Our mission to take God out of the Church and through the doors into the real world
> Viaticum defined as food for the journey
> Why it's been uncomfortable for Johnny to invite others to join him at Christ Church Cathedral
> Johnny recommends a positive book called A Curious Mind by Brian Grazer
> Reverend Beverly Gibson recommends to give the podcast Backlisted a listen to be inspired

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