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Jan 25, 2017

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In this episode, Rev. Gibson and Johnny Gwin discusses Matthew's gospel retelling the early walking ministry and the focus of the mission of Jesus. How did Jesus recruit the people he needed for his earthly purpose? How did the first apostles react to Jesus's request to "follow me"? What made Jesus so charismatic and such a strong servant leader? How would modern people react with such a "life-changing" request to leave the safety and comfort of job, home, family, and city to join Jesus to "fish for people?"

Within the historical background, prophecies, teachings and the Bible narrative of the past, present and what is to come - where are we as individuals in these stories and lessons. Where do we start walking the road with Jesus? Do we walk with him at all? Jesus's vision is so strong that he becomes a magnet for the right tribe of people to make his ministry and ministry work. How can we take the example of Jesus's vision and approach to designing the lives that we want?

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When the time was right, Jesus took his internal vision and set off in the world to fulfill his purpose. As he took to the road, he met, touched and connected with the external world and others. Against barriers, fear and the unknown Jesus's ministry started with his first steps. Can we use this "Follow Me" message and lesson to begin the long journey that our vision casts? Maybe it's time for us to quit talking and start walking down the long road of designing our lives and purpose.


What you will here:
> Jesus's use of youth for his ministry
> Jesus was not really known as who he was - he was an unknown quantity
> Jesus netting 4 apostles Andrew, Simon, John, James
> The power and aura of confidence that Jesus had to recruit the people he needed for his vision and mission
> Did the apostles know the backstory and the background for the coming of the "Savior"
> The grounding mythos of the "Coming Savior."
> Casting a vison like a net and cathing people up
> Would we have known and what Jesus was if he approached us?
> What is the "call place" - where am I in the narrative of the big picture?
> Jesus as the example of the servant leader
> Jesus left his own family and security to assemble his own tribe
> The team dynamic of the 12 apostles
> The transformation of individuals in the dynamic of the tribe or group
> That one person every group that is a "nutjob"
> Defining the "crazymaker" - Julian Cameron - The Artist Way
> Judas - The Apostle's "crazy maker"
> Johnny's early fear of podcasting
> The barrier and power of fear
> Who is Milton Glazer and Debbie Millman?
> Debbie Millman and her "How To Design A Life."
> The life and hard crisis moment of vision or "the other way"
> Graphic Design into Life Design
> The 5-year plan and the tools to help you design the life for you
> Writing the last chapter of your story first.
> Writing the last chapter helps you not get stuck in the sticky, long and messy middle chapters
> Rev. Gibson has to put out her vision for how she sees her vision for the Church
> Clarifying "vision" from hallucination visions
> What's a stretch goal?
> Jesus's walking ministry
> Walking through the world and touch it to touch you

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