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Feb 2, 2017

Pulpit To Pew - Ep.36 - Jesus Boot Camp

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In this episode, Rev. Gibson discusses how Jesus presented and teached his ministry for building God's Kingdom - the Beatitudes. Jesus's vision plan laid out to his early followers, grounded in the Sermon on the Mount gospel, goes against every philosophy of power, wealth, and strength to build a kingdom. Re-examining and re-evaluating this power, beautiful and radical message could be a transformative tool when reflecting on our present lives and the tense moments many are experiencing in our nation. Lastly, Beverly and Johnny look at humility from the pulpit and Prophet Micah's prophetic message of what God expects from us: to do justice, love kindness and walk humbly with God.

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Sabbadoodle - Johnny Gwin - Sermon on the Mount - Beatitudes - Jesus - Pulpit To Pew - Podcast

What you will hear:

> Micah - the "lawsuit" reading
> How to be good: to do justice, to love kindness, and walk humbly with God
> Overthinking messages and lessons can be a barrier
> The mission statement of Jesus's journey and building God's Kingdom is the Beatitudes
> God's way of Kingdom building
> The Beatitudes comes off as the opposite message of what the people of the time (and now) needed to established a great nation: wealth and power
> Jesus came
> Humility - grounded from the earth - lowly
> We are only here for a season and you are not God - we are temporary
> We are loved and valued by God, but we are temporary and not above anyone else
> We are the creatures, and he is the shepherd
> World Leaders - how should they see themselves
> The first shall be last, and the last shall be first
> Following the way of the cross is not for the weak
> The Beatitudes - this message will rule the whole path
> The Beatitudes as a vetting and weed out class for his followers
> Reconditioning our perspective to understanding Jesus's message of Sermon on the Mount
> Exegesis defined
> The Sermon on the Mount doesn't need a lot of exegesis analysis and added interpretation because of the beauty and powerful message
> Sermon on the Mount used by great speakers in history as a servant leader speech model (Martin Luther King, Jr and Gandhi)
> World leaders need for humility and the need for someone to ground them
> Not managing but empowering others leadership message and philosophy
> Another Star Wars reference - the tug of war of the pure light and the darkside
> What is "the pure of heart"?
> To will one thing and to will one thing is to know God
> Relooking and rethinking the descriptions and language of the Beatitudes
> The difference preaching prophetically or pastorally
> What Prophets do
> Prophets: let me tell you what God said to mend your ways and find a way to get you closer to God
> Dealing with an uncertain world from the pulpit as an individual and at the same time as a priest and leader of a diverse parish
> The Gospel speaks itself, and the priest doesn't have to speak from a perspective to the message to fit a trying and disruptive moment in time
> The pulpit that contains in it - "we want to see Jesus"
> Not getting to emotionally and spiritually attached to the temporary leaders, events, and times of the present
> Don't believe everything that you think
> Balance your beliefs with the timeless messages with the moments and the urgent temporary world
> The deepest longing we have to be a part of something more than something temporary and more
> Johnny and Beverly admit to be spoiled children
> Johnny Dad's message of "things are never as bad or as good as you think it is" - keep things in perspective
> Prophet Isaiah's messages seems very relevant in these recent times
> Cast a big vision, be grounded in where you are now, and figure out where you are going in the future

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