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Feb 15, 2017

ep.38 - pulpit to pew - Reverend Beverly Gibson - Johnny Gwin - tourist, pilgrim, yoda and john wayne

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Historically, pilgrims have been described as foreign travelers journeying to reach a destination - physically and spiritually. It's not just the act of traveling to passively see the sights and gain some memories, that's more like a tourist. Pilgrims undertake a purposeful external journey, called a pilgrimage, with the aim to bring about a profound internal transformation.

Even though we are not physically on a long and dangerous spiritual pilgrimage (like the Camp de Santiago), maybe we Christians could incorporate the qualities of dedication and mindset of the pilgrim when journeying through our everyday life. What if we decided to "choose life" like Moses suggests in Deuteronomy and embrace Jesus's teachings of the Sermon on the Mount in the Gospel of Matthew. This episode focuses on how when walking with God; we are called to be pilgrims, not tourists? The "Pilgrim's Way" is not an easy path, but like anything worthwhile, it takes sacrifice, persistence, and discipline.

What you will hear:

> Describing the premise of being God's Tourist and God's Pilgrim
> The Characteristics of a Pilgrim - Jonathon Edwards
> Rev. Gibson's connecting thread of the "Pilgrim's Way" sermon message and the weekly readings
> The journey of the physical and external change needs to include the total transformation on the internal
> The Great Commandment
> The "Pilgrim's Way" as an example of fulfilling the baptismal covenant
> Was Moses and Jesus pilgrims?
> A Pilgrims Way teaches a discipline to finish something
> Are we all pilgrims in the normal day everyday journey of life and living
> Dante's Inferno beginning introduces the whole poem and the idea of his mid-life crisis
> Blindly going through life and how we quietly lose track of your own being
> Poet's Way - Dante's personal quest for the search for the divine
> The Pilgrim's Way dealing with the mid-life crisis
> Sermon on the Mount messages and taking the hard route
> Star Wars Jedi Path as an example of the "Pilgrim's Way"
> The word Parish - translation of a house for pilgrims
> Moses message of yes or no. There is no maybe when choosing to truly walk with God
> We are all in this life together. Pilgrims do things for themselves but also do for their fellow travelers. Pilgrims travel and support each other
> Zoe Keating (musician) - Beverly loves her music and how she integrates her art with technology, crypto currency, and service
> The Way (movie): Johnny suggests Emilio Estevez's movie to see an inspirational movie about modern day pilgrimage on a pilgrimage. Available on Netflix.

Readings Referenced:



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