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Mar 28, 2016

In this bonus episode of Pulpit To Pew Johnny tries his best to compare the song To Beat The Devil by Kris Kristofferson to the story of Jesus tested in the wilderness (Luke 4: 1-13). Reverend Dean Gibson entertains Johnny’s tangent and actually makes sense of his ramblings. What is your calling? What does God call you to do? Like Moses (and Kris Kristofferson) what would stop you from doing what God wants you to do?

Why a bonus episode? Well, Reverend Gibson and Johnny talks are very free-form and always speak longer than the actual podcast length. There are many reasons to cut segments out of the interview to make the podcast. This 6 minutes was a segment that both Johnny and Beverly thought was fun and insightful and instead of cutting it – they wanted to find a way to share it. Plus, they both like Mr. Kristopherson’s body of work. They hope you enjoy this episode as much as they enjoyed making it.