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Mar 16, 2017

ep40 - midlife - crisis - God's calling - Christ Church Cathedral


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In this episode, Rev. Gibson shares her Leadership Alabama experiences from her trip thru Huntsville, Alabama. Huntsville's history is a story of rebirth when economic outlooks looked bleak and it's people are well-known for their spirit of perseverance, evolution even when their future was unknown. From the NASA space program, to new biotech companies, to new emerging technology industries, this city is a great example of building something important by conversion and transformation. Faith can be defined as belief plus action and Huntsville must have it by the rocket payload to make lemons out of lemonade at every turn.

Most cities, and especially people, lack the ability and faith to be able to pivot or blindly change everything when the signs indicate a change is needed for a positive outome. Abram was 75 years old when God gave him a calling to move to a new part of the world and build a new Kingdom. He left without questioning the decison. Nicodemus, a Pharisee and religious leader, had to change the way he looked at his beliefs and the "law" to be able to grasp Jesus's message of the New Covenant. Do you have enough faith to change your whole life if God calls you to do so? Would you know what that calling looked and sounded like? Is there something stirring inside you that feels like you need to transform your life to something more and positive? It's never to late to design the life that you want. A life that God wants for you, that God has given you the gifts to make a reality. Do you have the spirit and believe to do complete the actions needed to seize an opportunity that you know exists but have not been able to see?

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