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Mar 31, 2017

Pulpit To Pew | Ep.42 | Mighty Morphing Christian Rangers | Rev. Beverly Gibson | Johnny Gwin|

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In this episode, Rev. Gibson and Johnny Gwin explore how the endeavor of self-discovery is transformed when we realize the grounding of our identity in God. Illustrated in the lessons of the blind man (from birth) being healed by Jesus and Samuel's anointing of a young King David, the subject of their and our spiritual transformation is addressed. This spiritual and physical formation to the person God wants us to be starts with our baptism. In our baptism, a complete rebirth, we are given all the faith from God we will ever need. However, there is a catch, to be truly transformed it's our duty to draw it out, mature it, develop it.  Are you taking responsibility for your Christian formation? Are you assisting others on their journeys of self-discovery and complete formation? Are we capable of seeing our path and the way to properly worship and honor God? Or, are we blind to his truth, gifts, and possibilities?


Sabbadoodle - Johnny Gwin - 032617 - BLind Man - David - Gospel of John

What You Will Hear:

> Learners not the learned will inherit the earth
> Be open to seeing the truth and not being so sure you know everything - while you can see are you really seeing
> Is the doctrine and the culture of the Church become too rigid?
> Jesus's use of parables to be read in many different ways
> Parents protecting their son in the Gospel - not so much fear but protection
> Opened up completely spiritually and physically to be able to see the truth and be transform to a believer
> Blind man being healed is a true narrative of someone being reborn into the world spiritually and physically
> A new birth = Baptism
> Once your baptized your formation will continue - it's a total rebirth
> In your baptism you are given all the faith you will ever need - it's your duty to draw it out, mature it, develop it
> Ministry Architects helping our Christ Church Cathedral to put us on the path of our parish self-discovery
> Taking responsibility for our spiritual formation
> Christ Church is metaphorically in the teenage years of our formation
> Christ Church Cathedral - an old church that is actually young. We are a peculiar entity that creates an opportunity of new life and possibilities
> Beverly's pop culture reference: Might Morphin Power Rangers movie and how she was entertained and enlightened by this teenage movie
> Leaders and Gurus typical reaction of "these are the chosen ones for this gift or mission"
> Samual - the King Maker choosing King David - the biblical dating game
> David the forgotten is the actual choice
> God doesn't see the world like Man. Man sees the outward appearance, God sees the heart
> Transformation has to happen before the education
> Information versus formation & education versus formation
> Transformation comes from ritualian routine, some sort of literal practice that you engage in
> Western Christianity adopting more the ancient ways and even the Eastern ways
> Self-examination and the importance of this exercise to Self Discovery
> Our relationship to Samual and David in the first reading
> The Imposter Syndrome in the weekly lessons
> The Spirit Voice versuses the Parent Voice. Which should we should listen to
> Teachers learning from the students
> Working to form others when you are still working on forming yourself
> The Church seen as a school
> Being around the young is an opportunity to see another world - it can enrich your life
> Power Rangers origin story reflects that the idea that before they can "morph" they need to come to a certain place of self-awareness, vulnerability, and a realization of a reliance on others
> Your formation and transformation is within you, but you have to do the work and have the awareness to release it from within you

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