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Apr 7, 2017

Pulpit To Pew | Beverly Gibson | Walking Lazarus | Ezekial | Episcopal | Lent | Johnny Gwin

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In this episode and continuing our Lenten Journey out of the wilderness, Rev. Beverly Gibson discusses "breathing new life" into the lifeless and the hope for the everlasting life that defeats death. To raise Lazarus Jesus relied and call on his Father to perform this miracle. How do we respond to Jesus' example of such confident dependence on God? It can give us the power of hope in adversity.

 Sabbadoodle | Pulpit To Pew | Johnny Gwin | Episcopal | Christ Church Cathedral | Lazarus

What you will hear:

> Mardi Gras makes Lent an active season in Mobile, Alabama
> Journey ramping up to Palm Sunday and Easter
> The finer points of summering in Point Clear and Manhattan
> Ezekial - Valley of the dry bones discussion, commentary, and insights
> Bones: Isreal is dry in spirit and hope
> Ezekial is told to call on the "breath" and "wind" to fill the bones and animates the bones with God's Spirit
> Is the Valley Of The Dry Bones an example of a priestly call?
> Prayer in Mass to animate the Eucharist in turn to feed and animate us in God's Spirit
> Rev. Gibson's reason and virtue of using Rite 1 during Lent
> The Prayer of Humble Access - explanation. What does this say about my existence with God?
> The women that grabs Jesus's cloak - example of humbleness and being made whole by your faith
> Your desire to claim your faith is the thing that heals you and makes you whole
> What if we don't see ourselves as "dry" and "dead" in our faith?
> What are the tombs of our lives?
> Breathing "new life" into the segments and parts of our general life
> The "breath of life" = inspiration
> Ryan Murphy, TV writer reference
> What is a muse?
> Anam Cara - the "soul friend" reprise
> The "It's Complicated" relationship of the early Israelites and God
> Jesus and Lazarus - the power over death
> What's the last thing a redneck says before they die?
> Lamb by Christopher Moore - perspective of Biff - Jesus's friend (book)
> Jesus is preparing for his entrance into Jerusalem
> Knowing the context of the story before the weekly readings from the pulpit
> Jesus's human and close relationship with Martha, Mary, & Lazarus
> Why was Jesus two days late to get to Lazarus?
>  Jesus is fully God and fully human - did Jesus have any fear that he might not be able raise Lazarus?
> Why did Jesus weep at Lazarus's tomb?
> A priest's perspective of speaking and presiding over a funeral
> Understanding and seeing the depth and complexity of The Bible
> What happens to Lazarus?
> If someone is brought back from the dead can you die again
> Jesus's power over death and his choice to die for us and understand death
> Grace - Losing faith and having the strength and gifts to regain it
> The gift of the Spirit: Living in Christ not living of Christ
> Leveling up in the life in Christ
> The Burial Right - The deceased me grow in strength after death
> Eternal life - there is no death
> Resurrection within your life and still continue to grow with strength
> Why Rev. Gibson doesn't recycle sermons year to year
> Connecting with the listeners in the pew
> Where we are on our Lenten Journey: our dependence (reliance) on God
> To bring life back in the lifeless places

Readings Referenced:

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