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Apr 13, 2017

Pulpit To Pew | Beverly Gibson | Johnny Gwin | Episcopal | Sealed With A Kiss | The Passion | Christ Church Cathedral

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In this episode, Rev. Gibson and Johnny Gwin discuss the story and lessons in the Palm Sunday Gospel. Through the dramatic reading of the physical and existential journey of Jesus, and exploring the Way of The Cross, Beverly lays out a roadmap to lead us through the coming week of Holy Week. We walk with Jesus from being welcomed by Jerusalem as a hero, to him self-emptying emotion and power, to his brutal death on the Cross. Do we look at the real self-sacrifice, shame, and suffering Jesus endured for us? What things in life do we do to betray Jesus? When are we like Judas? Like Peter? Do we show up for God using our gifts, talents, and resources to help Christ and our whole community? The Church needs to be seen as a place for you to give back (sacrifice) to your community not a "what's in it for me" mindset.

During Holy Week and Easter, try to see Christ in the challenges, frustrating and ugly things in life? Could you see Christ in dealing with the most difficult people in your life? Perhaps your calling is not to judge and retaliate; maybe your roll is to serve those frustrating and challenging people.


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What You Will Here:

> What's a dramatic reading of Palm Sunday Gospel?
> Mystery Plays is a very old traditions of Church
> Infotainment for the ancient
> Bringing the hassles and distractions of the world into the Church and Mass
> Starting Palm Sunday in the garden - the beauty and the challenges
> Palm Sunday sermon is challenging for many priests
> Beverly lays out roadmap of leading through the coming week of Holy Week
> Passio - root word for passion - means suffering and pain
> Passion and love - can be a painful endeavor
> Walk on the way of the cross to find the way of peace
> Self-offering and pouring yourself out - Self-emptying
> John's Gospel - the dinner with Jesus at Mary & Martha's home with Lazarus - a human and tender moment
> Washing of the feet - Nard and Mary - a precious offering
> Judas questions the use of the nard oil
 > The existential journey of Jesus heading to Golgotha
> Jesus grieves and pleads in Gethsemane
> The consumer culture glosses over the pain and suffering of The Passion - we sanitize
> What is in it for me? - Church shouldn't be this way
> The Way Of The Cross - the taunting and the shaming - sanitizing
> Twitter shaming and Jon Ronson
> Social media and when the world turns on people who makes mistakes
> Turning on a "hero"
> Jesus as the ultimate outsider - Nothing good comes from Nazareth
> The mob mentality of Jerusalem turning on Jesus
> "Sealed with a kiss" - does that have to do with Judas kissing Jesus
> What was Judas's motive to betray Jesus?
> Judas had turned well before the betrayal
> The shame moments: Peter denying 3 times, the bag of money, the crowds shouting "Crucify Him!"
> Palm Sunday - a story of shame and failure
> If you want to be a leader - you have to be a servant of all
> Maundy - Queen Elizabeth viewed that her sovereignty was thrust upon her by God to serve her subjects
> If you are only doing Church for you then you are missing the point
> What is faith that doesn't encompass suffering?
> Holy Week Challenge: Attempt to see Christ this week in all things - not just the brighter parts of life and the pleasant people.
> Try to see Christ in the challenges, frustrating and ugly things and in the worst people in your life
> Perhaps your roll is to serve those frustrating and challenging people
> The mob mentality in biblical context and in the Church parishioners
> Easter is the Christian Superbowl
> Easter is the start of the spiritual year
> The 3 acts of the Easter Season
> God resurrected by the agent of Jesus
> Human leaders do not self-sacrifice and voluntarily giving away of power
> Military as a self-giving and true sacrifice
> Peggy Noonan - What has happened to the American Dream?
> Noonan: we have simplified and commoditized the national ideals we use to hold so important
> Balancing between taking for yourself and giving to others
> Historically looking at the place of the Church in community, social initiatives and services
> A greater good for all of us when giving up of one's self
> Joseph of Arimathea - shows up at pivotal time and is an excellent example of someone using his gifts and resources to help Christ, his followers, and the whole community

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