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May 11, 2017

Pulpit To Pew | Ep47 | Good Shepherd

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In this episode, Rev. Gibson discusses the theme of Bishop Russell Kendrick’s “What goes on in there?” and the mission statement of his “generosity” sermon. The conversation then leads us to relook at the lesson of the Good Shepherd and sparks us see this representation of Jesus in a whole new way. From discussing the occupational function to the spiritual significance of the “Good Shepherd”, we see how a great leader teaches, protects, and sacrifices for their flock. Johnny Gwin specifically inquires about the “I am the gate” metaphoric and beautiful language of the Gospel of John. And we touch on who and what are the thieves and bandits mentioned in the lesson. And of course, a recap of the long awaited Steeple Dedication of the Christ Church Cathedral celebration is covered from spire to foundation.

What you will here:
> Planning and logistic details of putting on the Christ Church Cathedral Annual Celebration
> The outstanding work of Carl Cunningham and his very successful group of young leaders - The Kappa League of Mobile
> The Good Shepherd & The Gate
> A description of how the Early Christian Church functioned and it's mission of "pure generosity"
> "Generosity" should be the overall mission and purpose of any church
> A vision fueled by hope for us to do things that seem foolish to most of the present-day consumer driven world
> The Christ Church Cathedral view of the new steeple as something foolish
> Seeing the new steeple as a visual motivation and symbol for current parishioners to strive to be more generous. Be more of an example of the inclusive and positive lessons taught by Jesus Christ
> What are we doing for the sheep - not in our flock - to show them our generosity and care that pass our "Church Gate" everyday?


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