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Oct 5, 2017

48 | Stealing Yeti Coolers In God's Economy of Grace | Pulpit To Pew Podcast

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In this first show of season 3, Rev. Gibson and Johnny Gwin discuss the lessons from the Oct.1st readings and sermon that center on questioning authority, spiritual leadership, God's economy of grace, and claiming the infinite gifts that God bestows upon us all. And NO, one of those divine gifts (while considered an exceptional consumer product) does not include the Yeti Cooler that Rev. Gibson read about in a recent New York Times article. This NYT article focuses on the cult-like hype and love of the almighty Yeti Brand. Quoted is a Ms. Tannehill (Augusta, Ga.) describing this $300 product as practically a divine gift, “God dropped the Yeti down: ‘Here you go, South, it’s hot, I see you’re struggling.” Plus, the reporter Steven Kurutz retells the story of this summer's Great Yeti Heist of the Springhill Ace Hardware Store.

Covered Topics:

> Understanding and questioning authority
> The Economy of Grace vs. The Economy of Merit
> The Open Enrollment of God Economy of Grace
> God's limitless love
> The show up and failure clause of the Baptismal Covenant
> The Pharisee's lack of understanding and heated conversations with Jesus (Mathew 21: 23-32)
> The importance to listening to the teachings of John The Baptist
> The challenges of the Spiritual Leader
> The difficulty of balancing the business of the Church and the purpose of the Church
> Claiming God's ever-present infinite love
> How "living love" is a life's work
> Parable of the 2 Sons explained
> A Flannery O'Connor and a first class/coach airline analogies of the gospel lessons
> The Yeti Mug that glows within each of us...maybe

Weekly Readings:

Exodus 17:1-7
Philippians 2:1-13
Matthew 21:23-32

Rev. Gibson and Johnny are so excited to start the third season of Pulpit To Pew and want to thank all the listeners for your support and patience. They and Deep Fried Studios promise to deliver every week the best show using our God-given gifts and energy.

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