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Oct 12, 2017

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Sometimes losing something can give us a much-needed reset and can present us with a refreshing gift. Hurricane Nate disrupted life and our normal Sunday Services this past weekend, so Rev. Gibson decided to try something different for this show. Instead of discussing the weekly lessons and sermon, Rev. Gibson shares a meditation with Johnny and you, the listener. Very often when we miss Sunday Service we feel that something is "just off." We hope this episode fills your spiritual gap and shows you a different perspective of missing Church.

Covered Topics:

> Hurricane Nate led to the cancellation of services at Christ Church Cathedral, Baptisms, Kappa League Breakfast
> Predictions, even the best, is just that. A Prediction.
> Tom McGhee, article on Hurricanes then and hurricane's now
> The Pause that we take
> The silent sun and moon and what they can teach us
> Divine instructions from the heavens, the sun, and the moon
> Anam Cara by John O'Donohue - witness every sunset and sunrise for a month
> Within the continuing rhythms of nature we live out our life looking for purpose
> The pause from our smaller purpose - a time to listen and learn from the Heavens
> The Psalmists
>Divine Instruction of Torah from Heaven
> The big pause button of Divine Intervention and teaching
>What is an absolute truth?
> Don't overthink your presence - be present and aware without trying "to do"
> What are meditations?
> Johnny rethinks his St. Thomas of Aquinas book of meditations that he discounted in the past
> Meditations and The Epistles are intimate looks into the thinking and thoughts of holy men and biblical icons
> The beauty and the power of the poetic language of the Psalms

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