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Nov 2, 2017

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In this episode, Rev. Beverly Gibson and Johnny Gwin continue to discuss the issue of the nature (and confusion) of Jesus as both human and divine. Using Matthew's gospel of the account of the Pharisee's Lawyer trying to trap Jesus with the question of "What is the greatest commandment," Rev. Gibson reveals that there is more to the greatest commandments. Jesus answered "loving God with all your heart, soul and mind" is the greatest commandment but he also added a second part to his answer, the "Golden Rule." Loving your neighbor as yourself is the coat hanger in which all the rules and laws of God is shaped and formed. Is understanding the letter and the spirit of the "Golden Rule" the lynchpin that connects all the lessons, laws, and ideas in Christianity? What would the world be like if more of us asked the question "Am I being loving" in all of our deeds and relationships?

In our present cultural moment, we have gone beyond uncomfortable silence with discourse. We have been actively resistant and hostile to silence and have been moved straight to outright rage and protest when we hear things that trigger internal opposition to ideas and theories. Thinking needs the head and the heart. When we quit listening to someone because they don't "see things like us" we might be doing ourselves a disservice to understanding something more or in a deeper way. Jesus had a way of using "silence" in his teachings. Not only is there wisdom and faith in his words but also in his "between the lines" delivery if his messages. Jesus left his detractors silenced when he was challenged. He gave those that wanted to destroy him the time and respect to at least hear them out, and then after a pause of powerful silence lovingly gave them the chance to hear and absorb the truth that he was freely teaching to everyone to turn people toward God.

Takeaway: This week "Just Give 5 Minutes" to prayer, yourself and your neighbors. Especially those neighbors that think and see our world much different than you.


Deuteronomy 34:1-12
1 Thessalonians 2:1-8
Matthew 22:34-46


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