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Nov 30, 2017

Labeling and the cultural tendency of categorizing others narrowly and dismissively seems to have elevated to the level of entertainment, sport, and national pastime. Unfortunately, many (even those that are frequently labeled and marginalized) are drawn to this behavior that creates a barrier to understanding each other, our shared problems and the ability to work together to solve them. Labeling stifles the spirit of love and runs counter to the central Gospel imperative of the greatest commandment - to love God with all your heart and one another as you love yourself. In this episode, Rev. Beverly Gibson and Johnny Gwin discuss how labeling and a rigid mindset is at the center of Jesus' Parable of the Talents. How does this action become a barrier that keeps us from knowing the true nature of God, ourselves, and specifically those "others" that do not pass the litmus test of like-mindedness? The takeaway from this podcast is that daily, we should be engaging our God-given imagination and skills to create an environment that embraces working together with others to build the Kingdom of God.

Sabbadoodle | Johnny Gwin | 111917 |

Topics covered

> The lessons and writing of the man who taught and copywrited "love", Dr. Love, Leo Buscaglia

> The 1970's Dr. Love "Hippy Love" talk on the surface is compatible to the core teaching of Christianity

> Do fixed positive and negative mindsets of people, tasks and things pre-determine outcomes?

> Knowing ourselves entails being open to knowing others as they really are. That means knowing God as God really is - not as human labels have made him.

> Its lifelong work to inquire, decern, and unlearn the labels we have long established in our minds to know ourselves, others, and God in new, creative and generous ways.

> Richard Rohr and his view of non-dualistic conceptions of God and of existence.

> Is the Holy Spirit the energy and inspiration that creates the push for Christians to be open to new things, opportunities, and love?

> The laziness of stereotyping limits the transcendent power of the Spirit

> Strive to go outside of our homes, ourselves and comfort zones. This is how we learn about things have become what they are how they be improved and built stronger.