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Dec 14, 2017

Modern day Christians tend to think of the Prophets as bearers of harsh warnings of present misbehavior and impending doom. Johnny always seems to draws them as frustrated, crazy, and wild-eyed characters with frazzled hair (e.g. Doc Brown from Back To The Future movies). This perception (and doodle) is not exactly accurate, in fact, the Prophets could be seen as the first "motivational speakers". Prophets, like modern day business gurus and Ted Talk internet superstars, inform and encourage their audiences to see the world different and to prepare for something that is coming. Which often, in the case of biblical witness, is the "Good News." Reverend Gibson examines the words and prophetic call of Isiah, Elijah, John The Baptist, and even 1960's AM radio broadcaster Earl Nightingale (considered to be the first motivational speaker) and how these "influencers" delivered messages of restoration and renewal to those longing for guidance and inspiration. Like the early Christians, we live in difficult times and are many are listening and longing for encouragement and motivation of action towards a brighter future. Isaiah and John The Baptist spoke of living in harmony with a loving God and understanding and preparing "The Way" for us to walk with Christ. Mr. Nightingale's "The Stranger Secret", while not exactly authorized biblical canon, it is a positive message of encouragement and has instructed many listeners on how-to work to become the person they long to be. Oh by the way, NIghtingale's "Secret" is this: be aware of what you think about; this is what you will become. It's not a complex insight, but it can be very prophetic.

BONUS: Rev. Gibson shares Elinor Gibson's Christmas gift wish list.

Questions To Consider:

  • What do you think about the most when you are thinking?
  • What or who are you listening to that influences your thoughts?
  • Are you hearing and heading the good news of God's Prophets?
  • Who do you want to become?
  • How are you preparing "The Way" and a path for Christ to come to you?

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Earl Nightingale - The Strangest Secret