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Dec 21, 2017

P2P | Christmas Pageant | Christ Church Cathedral | The Last Jedi | Podcast

In this episode, Rev. Gibson & Johnny discuss the annual Christ Church Cathedral's Children's Christmas Pageant. The little shepherds, angels, bearded Joseph and Mary all did a wonderful job delivering the weekly Gospel this past weekend. In addition to the children's performance, three young parishioners shared their own Christmas Pageant moments and cherished memories with the congregation. This event is fun but also important to the growth of our Church family. Including all people, young and old, as active participants in the liturgy and weekly mass strengthens the connection to your faith and each other. Hearing Christmas story form Luke's gospel through the lens of children gives us a new perspective and can make us all recall those joyous times of our youth during the magical season of Christmas. To wrap up the show, Johnny manages to connect the new Star Wars film story and themes to the weekly lessons and the reflections of past and present Christmas Pageants.

Merry Christmas from the Pulpit to Pew podcast. Thanks so much for sharing 2017 with us. Keep your lamps lit for the coming of the Baby Jesus and we will see you in 2018.