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Mar 28, 2016

What if we looked at challenging times and indecision by focusing more on hope than despair? Uncertainty is a part of life. It’s not always a bad thing – uncertainty can create an openness, opportunity for action, creative problem-solving, and a full participation in life. How do we learn to want to “stay in the game” and help participate in whatever the outcome? In this weeks Pulpit To Pew, Reverend Dean Beverly Gibson and Johnny Gwin discuss the richness and depth of The Passion, having faith in uncertainty, embracing hope over despair, and actively participating in scripture and mysteries during Holy Week (Christian’s March Madness.)

Podcast Theme: Hope and despair in uncertainty

What you will hear:

• The Episcopal view of the controversy of Jesus riding a donkey or horse into Jerusalem
• The dramatic & theatrical movement of the Passion/Palm Sunday service and gospel
• The Episcopal law violated by our Church service (shh! keep this quiet)
• Anamnesis? Taking an active participation in the Paschal mystery
• Joining the spiritual and physical journey with Jesus through Holy Week
• Hope and despair on Skull Hill
• Christ’s participation in death – confronting our own mortality
• The light on the other side of the darkness
• Preparing your mindset for Holy Week
• Seeing uncertainty as a good thing
• The strong pacifist Revolutionary, Servant Leader, and the non-aggression movement.
• The Disciples and their very “human moments.”
• Simon Peter’s three denials and “The Way Of The Ashes.”
• All may, some should, none must – “The Episcopal Way.”
• Praise of the musical talents of the musicians at Christ Church Cathedral