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Jan 18, 2018

Pulpit To Pew | Ep.60 | Live | Come and See | Podcast

Keeping with the spirit of one of the messages of Sunday's sermon, Pulpit To Pew threw caution to the wind to experience performing an unrehearsed LIVE podcast in front of a lively parish audience. Thanks so much to all that stuck around for the maiden voyage and recording. Rev. Gibson and Johnny had such a good time and will be planning more in the near future.

In this LIVE episode, Rev. Gibson makes us aware that learning and worshiping at Christ Church Cathedral can be more than just passively sitting and listening to the Mass. There is so much to visually absorb from the architecture, beautiful art, floral arrangements, woodwork and the stain glass windows to feel a connection to God. In fact, one of our Tiffany stain glass windows depicts the gospel lesson this week, Nathaniel meeting Jesus under a fig tree. In the Gospel, Phillip asks Nathanial to "come and see" this holy man from Nazareth and this skeptical seeker ventures out to meet Jesus. Eventually, he becomes one of Jesus's earliest believers, friends, and one of the twelve apostles. What if Nathaniel had not gone to see Jesus due to his pre-conceived notions, knowledge, and bias ("Can anything good come from Nazareth")? Do we close ourselves off because of our own biases from getting out of our comfort zone by exploring the world and being open to new experiences? Being open to exploration without purpose (and bias) can lead to personal transformation, spiritual growth, and new revelations about ourselves and our relationship with God. Is God calling to us to be open to seeing him like he sees us? Are we listening? Are we ignoring this divine invitation?

Topics Covered:
> Nathanial the skeptic, true Israelite, man with no agenda or guile, and apostle.
> How did Jesus see and chose his disciples?
> God's vision and how he sees us.
> Listening and answering back to God's calling.
> Can anything good come out of Nazareth?
> The significance of the fig tree reference in the Bible and the Rabbinical tradition?
> Who is John Stilgoe and what can his book Outside Lies Magic can teach us?
> Learning to be more creative, create more ideas and respond to problems energetically?
> Glorifying and spreading the word of God by purposely performing your job to the best of your ability.



John Stilgoe - Harvard Historian and Photographer 

Outside Lies Magic: Regaining History and Awareness in Everyday Places by John Stilgoe