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Mar 29, 2018

Sabbadoodle | Pulpit To Pew | Ep69 | Palm Sunday | Hell | God Man | Tree of Life

In this episode, Rev. Gibson & Johnny Gwin discusses the routines, rituals, and readings from Palm Sunday at Christ Church Cathedral. Starting in the garden, reenacting Mark's dramatic Passion Play, striking the Alter and leaving the church (not our Holy Week service) in silence. Palm Sunday's powerful reading covered the Passion from the Gospel of Mark with all the emotions and parts we have heard so many times. The borrowed colt, 3 denials before the cock crows twice, the arrest, the trial, the weight of the cross, and finally the human death of the "God-Man." Jesus, the God sent to Earth and instead of wielding his power emptied himself in the body of a man - a servant that was humble and obedient all the way to his own death. Our "God-Man" on the Cross - the "Tree of Life" is the bridge between life, our hell (sin), and the connection to heaven - the love and presence of God. The enduring eternal love of God in the person of Jesus Christ - The God-Man on the Tree - is offered for all, even when we sin and imprison ourselves (and others) in Hell. God offers us the door into heaven. Jesus stands with his lantern knocking at your door that only opens from the inside. Will you open the door to Christ during these final days of Holy Week?

Additional Topics:

> The description and nature of Hell?
> Was Judas forgiven for betraying Jesus?
> Where does the term "God-Man" come from?
> What is the Norse Mythology of the "Tree of Life"?
> Who was Barrabbas and what became of him?
> Insights and ideas to make the most out of the final week of Lent and the Easter Sunday celebration.

 Sabbadoodle | Full | Palm Sunday | Christ Church Cathedral

Weekly Readings:



Holman Hunt - Light of the World Painting


Pulpit to Pew is a conversation between priest and parishioner, to understand how the message translates and to explore further the weekly Sunday sermon and lessons within the Episcopal tradition and daily life.