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Mar 28, 2016

C&E Christians is a “wink and a nod” term that consistent church-goers use to describe people who only come to mass during Christmas and Easter. The church is more crowded, a new face might be in your normal seat and pew, and there are fewer places to park. Instead of seeing this cyclical phenomenon as a nuisance – what if we use this opportunity to welcome someone to our close community? What if your kind words make that person decide to come to church more than twice a year? Reverend Dean Gibson and Johnny Gwin admit that in their lives they were “C&Es” plus they discuss ways “C&E Christians” can get the most out of their time in the Church Mass and how the “regular” Church members can heighten their Easter Sunday experience. The “Good News” is here and maybe it’s all of our jobs to welcome others to it.

What you will hear:

> A “C&E Christian” is a term for a person that comes to church only for Christmas and Easter services
> The recipe for a “good” Easter sermon
> Delivering a powerful sermon focused on well-worn subject matter
> Staying fresh and avoiding pitfalls when writing sermons
> Enjoying the full senses of the “Big Show” of the Easter Mass experience
> The always positive Good News message of an Easter sermon
> Johnny and Dean Gibson both admit to being a “C&E Christian”
> The importance of a Church Home
> The energy and gift of a diverse  Church community
> How the “regular” Church-goer can heighten their Easter Sunday experience
> Historic view of pew and seat rental
> The pride of Christ Church Cathedral – the Floating Flower Cross
> The Easter event nobody will ever forget
> The Indigo Girls version of the Jesus Christ Superstar – an Easter Tradition
> The intersection of the cosmic cycle of our personal and spiritual life
> Fasting as a discipline, not a penance
> One of the “gifts” of Mobile Mardi Gras
> Happy Easter from Reverend Dean Gibson, Johnny Gwin and Pulpit To Pew