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May 3, 2018

Pulpit To Pew | Ep.73 | Please God | Being vs. Doing | Centering Down

Rev. Marshall Craver (Christ Church Cathedral) asks us to start looking and listening for the divine in all the everyday things in life, especially the mundane and small emergencies. He calls these events his "Please God Incidences". These prayerfully pleading moments can become transformative in reminding us aware of our relationship with (and need for) God. Jesus is the vine, his father is the vine grower and we are the branches. The sermon and gospel lessons illustrate our mutual and organic relationship with the divine and how it flows from our "being" and not just our "doing". Are we fruit-bearing branches? And if so, are we perennials or annuals?

In life, there are no chance things and God is the center of everyday life, even if we realize it or not. Are we taking time to abide love, God, and the Sabbath in our over-crowded lives? Are we "centering down" and finding rest in God not only on Sunday but a little bit on a daily basis?

Sabbadoodle | Johnny Gwin | Pulpit To Pew | ep.73 | 042918


Pulpit to Pew is a conversation between priest and parishioner, to understand how the message translates and to explore further the weekly Sunday sermon and lessons within the Episcopal tradition and daily life.

Pulpit To Pew is a Christ Church Cathedral and Deep Fried Studios collaboration.