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May 23, 2018

Pulpit To Pew - Episcopal podcast - Ep.76 - Wind, Fire and Spiritual Quests

In this episode, Reverend Beverly Gibson and parishioner Johnny Gwin discusses the gospel of the first Pentecost and explain the nature and power of the Holy Spirit, then and now. This Advocate, or the Holy Spirit, inspires and ignites us to go out into the world to share our faith, love, compassion, and understanding with others. First, the spirit moves within us and then evolves to send us on our travels through the arches of the world and into the great unknown. God's "new wine" presence is constantly with us and among us helping us to pray, lifting us up and moving us forward in all truth, daily life, and our worship. This force is not a corporate religious action to get us to "get things done," it's more of a submission to the reality God has placed us in and the spiritual quest we have been set on. The Advocate is a comforter and at the same time a mighty spark that guides us to spread our love, words, and actions to others like fire and wind to transform the world.

Yes, Beverly and Johnny discuss the show-stopping Royal Wedding sermon ‘There’s power in love’ by Bishop Micheal Curry. What did you think of this high profile message of love?

Pulpit To Pew Sabbadoodle - Ep.76 Wind, Fire and Spiritual Quests



Bishop Michael Curry's Sermon

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Pulpit to Pew is a conversation between priest and parishioner, to understand how the message translates and to explore further the weekly Sunday sermon and lessons within the Episcopal tradition and daily life.

Pulpit To Pew is a Christ Church Cathedral and Deep Fried Studios collaboration.