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May 31, 2018

Pulpit To Pew | Ep77 | Trinity | Lesson | Description

In this episode, Rev. Beverly Gibson expounds on the main points of Rev. Craver's Trinity Sunday Sermon dealing with the nature and the mystery of the Holy Trinity. St. Augustine is quoted saying “If you try to understand the Trinity, you will lose your mind. But if you deny the Trinity, you will lose your soul.” If this grand theological thinker feels this way it seems we all must be in the dark concerning this powerful foundation of our faith. Why are all the common descriptive metaphoric examples of the Trinity flawed? Why is the Holy Trinity so important to our faith? How does this mystical element of our faith affect our daily lives? Leaning heavily on the work of Episcopal Priest and Spiritual Writer Cynthia Bourgeault, Rev. Gibson shares a unique Trinity description of "a process" and "a drivetrain" from the book The Holy Trinity and the Law of Three: Discovering the Radical Truth at the Heart of Christianity. Join us as we dive into this fascinating, unthinkable but knowable divine mystical force in our faith and life.


Rev. Dr. Cynthia Bourgeault

The Holy Trinity and the Law of Three: Discovering the Radical Truth at the Heart of Christianity


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Pulpit to Pew is a conversation between priest and parishioner, to understand how the message translates and to explore further the weekly Sunday sermon and lessons within the Episcopal tradition and daily life.

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