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Jun 7, 2018

Pulpit To Pew | Ep78 | Killing The Sabbath | SabbaDoodles

You would think that honoring the Sabbath would be engrained into the human DNA. It's been a part of our existence since God took the 7th day off after creating the universe. Even though God made "Keep Holy The Sabbath" the 4th of his Ten Commandments it still seems humankind has a hard time honoring this gift of a day of rest, peace and reflection. The cultural phenomenon of constant hustle and radical distraction seems to creep into almost all of our quiet and introspective time, and that includes all of our Sabbaths. This perpetual busyness and ignoring of the Lord's day of rest is a pattern that can be decaying our relationship with God, each other and ourselves. Maybe it's time we all took a step back and relooked at what the Sabbath is meant to be. This "day of rest" was given to humankind not as a rule but as a gift from God for us to have a protective time and space for us to open to new things and hear the small voices and inner wisdom. The Sabbath is more than a day on the calendar; it can be a powerful tool for deep listening, inner peace, rest, rejuvenation, and active worship that cultivates what is precious in our life and guides our fruitful work with wisdom. Resetting our Sabbath rhythms and allowing it to come to us come can be a transformative beginning to a stronger connection to the Divine and a whole new way of being.

SabbaDoodle | Pulpit To Pew | Ep78 | Killing The Sabbath


1 Samuel 3:1-10(11-20)
2 Corinthians 4:5-12
Mark 2:23-3:6


Jane Kenyan - Let Evening Come

Wayne Muller - Sabbath

Thomas Merton - Conjectures of a Guilty Bystander


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