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Jun 12, 2018

Hearing God - Ep79 - Pulpit To Pew Podcast

In this episode, Johnny Gwin asks Rev. Gibson to discuss the meaning of "hearing God" and how modern society views this prevalent, misunderstood and ridiculed phenomenon. Historically, many have spoken of hearing God. Hearing the words and actual voice of God are well documented throughout the Bible. Anecdotally and culturally many have said that God's voice and presence can be heard in unique, personal and creative ways such as music, nature, earthquakes, deep space and even simple vibrations. Beethoven once said that "music was a fuller way to God." Samuel Taylor Coleridge waxed poetically about the sound of the divine in nature and God's presence in the wind across the string of a beautiful harp. The writer Tilden Edwards in his book Living in the Presence: Disciplines for the Spiritual Heart focuses on the awareness of God all around us especially in the dimension of sound and silence. Shared stories across many religious traditions have mentioned hearing and experiencing the Godhead through common things such as bells, drums, horns, and chants. Hearing God is a more common human experience than many believe and can arrive in a plethora of unique and beautiful forms. So, the next time someone speaks of "hearing God," Rev. Gibson advises we would be well not to judge so quickly or take that person's words too literally.


The Eolian Harp by Samual Taylor Coleridge

Living in the Presence: Spiritual Exercises to Open Our Lives to the Awareness of God by Tilden Edwards


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