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Apr 3, 2016

Confession time, Johnny used this title to help with search engine optimization (SEO) for this week's podcast (meaning: using a "high trending" word in the title to make the show easier to find on Google Search). Reverend Dean Beverly Gibson started off this week's sermon with a confession of her own. During her week off she binged watch Netflix's women's prison dramedy hit show, Orange Is The New Black. Not quite endorsing the show from the pulpit, Reverend Gibson mentions that this show's subject matter of imprisonment strangely aligned with the lessons and Gospel reading this Sunday. The Disciples were imprisoned and freed in Act 5:27-32 and they were "laying low" hiding from the authorities in John 20:19-31. Reverend Gibson discusses with co-host Johnny the "self-made" prisons that Jesus can help free us from, both spiritually and personally. How do we choose to breach our own prisons? Why we should preach about our "escape" from our prisons? Why we should pray to be thankful for our "freedom". Plus, they discuss how faith and trust in Jesus (and others) will help him hand us a pardon from our "self-made" confinements and sins.

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What you will hear:

> What's Low Sunday?
> Why we all can understand St. Thomas, the Doubter
> Revelations: difficult read or bad acid trip
> The Bible as good literature & inspiration for novelists
> Star Trek Deep Space Nine mythos and The Bible
> Wrestling of faith & belief
> American Horror Story and repeating the "same ole" mistakes
> Creating "self-made" prisons
> The Biblical Shawshank Redemption
>  Who was Gamaliel & his "observational scientific testing" of God's plan
> Today theme thread: locked doors
> *Liking but not endorsing Orange Is The New Black from the Episcopal pulpit
> The "self-made" prison of an "I'm stuck" world
> Was Thomas's doubt his self-made prison?
> Hiding behind a spiritual and personal crisis of trust
> Better living through spirituality
> (Reprise) Bishop Kendrick's "turning the page" faith sermon
> The prison of control & hubris of anticipating unknown outcomes
>  Common plots & structures of classic storytelling (Mamet, Campbell, Vonnegut)
> Breach - Preach - Thanks CLARIFIED
> Erie, Pa. or bust