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Jun 21, 2018

Pulpit To Pew | Ep80 | Episcopal | Walk By Faith Not By Sight

Paul writes in last week's epistle "we walk by faith, and not by sight", what does this mean for those where faith is their point of view? Rev. Beverly Gibson and Johnny discuss Divine vision and how humans can not see the hearts of others or beyond the limited vision of the "right now." While we may not be able to see the hearts of others, we can learn to evaluate our own and then discern the real values and things that matter to us in our past, present and future. This examination along with simply living, humility, compassion, and love of neighbor are the proverbial "mustard seeds" that must take root in ways seen and unseen to help our polarized world adopt the "New Creation", the Kingdom of Heaven point of view. This core of a life in faith can be found in Scripture and all of Jesus's teachings, but we have to be open and able to hear it.


SabbaDoodle | Pulpit To Pew | Ep80


1 Samuel 15:34-16:13
2 Corinthians 5:6-10,[11-13],14-17
Mark 4:26-34 


Richard Rohr


About Pulpit To Pew

Pulpit to Pew is a conversation between priest and parishioner, to understand how the message translates and to explore further the weekly Sunday sermon and lessons within the Episcopal tradition and daily life.

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