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Sep 5, 2018

College Football | Church | Episcopal | Pulpit To Pew | Ep90 | Podcast

Hello my fellow Pew People, it's FOOTBALL SEASON in the South and tis' the season to wear our favorite team apparel, avoid our rival team neighbors and family members and LIKE me last Sunday - miss Sunday Service. So, my playing hooky from Church as well as Rev. Gibson having a bye week from the Pulpit this weekend and the need for a PuIpit To Pew show I dug thru the P2P vaults of unused show tape and found some relevant instant replays. Bonus: a tape with a personal confession, or personal foul (OK...last football pun!) dealing with my struggles of prioritizing the bigger things in life and allowing uncontrollable, external and small things to get in the way of me best the best version of myself. The self that that doesn't just talk like a person in the Way of Christ but acts that way as well. Especially one that doesn't embarrass himself in front of my sweet and wonderful Grandmother. Again, I am so sorry about last Iron Bowl Grandma Clayton.

I hope you enjoy this candid conversation between parishioner and priest...actually it's more than that. Rev. Gibson has been my co-host of Pulpit To Pew now for 2 1/2 years and we have developed an off the mic friendship. Well, I think so, it's hard to tell because Beverly is such a very nice person in general. Anyway...I consider her a trusted friend and steady voice - not just my spiritual sherpa. I mention this because most of my favorite podcasts are more than interviews and information. Great podcasts feel like personal and interesting conversations not in a studio but over a meal or wine. Conversations I want to eavesdrop on when I am sitting next to an animated couple or table full of rowdy friends next to me at a restaurant - or even better a BAR. I think this episode really nails this type of podcast format.

The title of this podcast - College Football Vs. Church is a bit cheeky but Beverly and I touch on some very big issues about Scripture, the role of the Church, dealing with our neighbors (good and not-so-good), and walking the Christian talk. Have a great football season and let's all try to remember that some things are bigger than mascots, school ties, team slogans, and bitter rivalries. Saturday is for team colors and fun but we should all recognize that we are on the same team on Sunday. Enjoy the show!

- Johnny Gwin