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Apr 17, 2016

Like Nipper the dog in the vintage RCA logo, do we know our master's voice or are we even trying to be able to hear it? In such a busy and noisy world, how do we hear the call of our Good Shepard? Reverend Dean Beverly Gibson discusses generous listening (Rachel Remen), being curious, and seeking to want to know answers. Is life an endless struggle to regain the pure knowledge and purity that ancient stories have said we possessed and lost at birth with an "angel kiss?" Reverend Gibson and Johnny discuss the benefits of learning to listen actively and listen in a loving silence that hopefully can be a powerful way to connect with our true selves, spirituality and each other.

"By listening to the shepherd's voice. His voice doesn't demand things of us or tell us what to do. His voice tells us that he loves us; he calls us each by name and tells us that we belong to him.  Eternal life is found in that love." - Reverend Dean Beverly Gibson

Readings and Lessons:

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