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Jan 1, 2017

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This end of the year episode is a little peak behind the veil at how Pulpit To Pew gets made. Reverend Beverly Gibson and Johnny Gwin occasionally riff off the main weekly sermon lesson themes - sometimes they veer way off course - and we either keep these audio bits, or we trash them. They plucked this audio from Episode 32 - Once Upon A Tax recording and decided to share it with everyone on this 2016 wrap up show. Beverly and Johnny felt that this 10-minute conversation revealed the spark, purpose and breathe of this podcast. Johnny explains his Sabbadoodles, and Beverly discusses her sermon creation and how they both have evolved and transformed this year since starting Pulpit To Pew. Thanks so much for your ears and support this year, happy New Years and rev. Gibson and Johnny will see you stronger than ever in 2017.

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Sabbadoodle - montage - 2016 - Johnny Gwin

What You Will Hear:
> Not sketchnoting (Sabbadoodle) on Christmas Eve - which Johny did actually do.
> The difference between sketchnoting in real-time or from a recording
>Feeling in the moment over details
>Has Johnny ever been moved by something in the service and instinctually was he inspired to draw something.
{Editor's note: Johnny misunderstood this amazing question and did not answer it very well.}
>The formula's of sketchnoting
> Older sketches vs. newer sketches
> The energy of the older Sabbadoodles and the finesse of the newer ones
> Johnny misquotes musician Brian Eno (should have been Robert Fripp) comparing Sabbadoddles to making music - An album is like a love letter and a live show is like a hot date.
>Beverly discusses using some Sabbadoodles when presenting at workshops - the reactions and emotional response
> Chateau De' Jesus ad Sabbadoodle example
> Sabbadoodle wine ads getting to the "Blood of Christ"
> Other pop culture and commercial design mash-up examples with weekly sermons, Scripture readings, and lessons
> Johnny's fear of other's seeing these Sabbadoodles as being "irreverent"
> Beverly shares that she feels that she walks this line herself in her sermons with her "hook" intro style
> The effect is to "jolt" others to hear and think about information in a new and different way
> Johnny talks about sharing the biblical messages in the Sabbadoodles to secular groups like design classes at universities and graphic design industry professionals at design workshops
> Sketchnoting in Church has made the services fun for Johnny
> Beverly breaking the formula of sermon writing to keep things fresh for the congregation and the Priest
> How much do you reveal about yourself and your personality when delivering a sermon or any presentation?
>The Southern Baptist sermon formula of conversion story and witness - the traps and purpose
> The world's worst sign out in podcast history
> Happy New Years and salutation
> Pitch for patreon campaign to support the show

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