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Apr 20, 2017

Pulpit To Pew | Beverly Gibson | Johnny Gwin | Epsicopal | Podcast

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In this Easter episode, the theme of not "holding on" to the image of our childhood Jesus, or the one we think we know. How would our life and faith be enriched by committing to seeing Jesus, and our Church, anew? Rev. Gibson discusses the importance of this difficult act and how it can give us insight and freedom. Can we take the faith, belief, and orthodoxy that we are comfortable with and be open to diving further into exploring the infinite dimension of the teaching and example of the Risen Christ? Johnny embraces Rev. Gibson's sermon message of "letting go" and "living the life of what your reading" by relinquishing his weekly stringent podcast editing process and allowing (painfully) a "practically unedited" episode to go out into the world. Hopefully, the show is up to snuff and he, and you the listening audience, can take something to grow and learn from this unorthodox Easter message.

041617-Sabbadoodle-Pulpit To Pew | Johnny Gwin | Beverly Gibson

What You Will Hear:

> Our 45th episode, we are getting close to the podcastically monumental 50th episode
> The swing flower cross of Christ Church Cathedral
> The elements of theatrics of service - especially Easter and high holy days
> Why was Mary Magdelene drawn to go to the tomb?
> What was she looking for?
> The tomb was not in good shape - things were out of sorts and missing
> Wess Floyd - Likes how St. John made a point of making sure we all new he was a faster runner than St. Peter
> Men are men no matter time, place and culture
> The power of tears - summon of angels
> Jesus Green Jeans - The Gardner - 1st apparition
> So caught in the moment that you do not see what is in front of you - locked in grief
> "Do not hold on to me" - theme
> Jesus is setting the table of preparation for what is to come and what the Disciples have to do
> The Great Commission
> The Risen Christ is a complete reorientation of being a follower of Christ
> The Confirmation Promises
> Don't hold on the the faith you had as a child and a young self
> Religion as a habit and not a commitment
> Open mind, open heart mindset
> Seeing Jesus and religion anew
> Start experiencing weekly Church services the same - change something to find a new connection
> Learning from the ugly and dark things of life and the gospels not just the shiny and beautiful aspects
> Parents fear and anxiety of grown children not being involved with Church or faith
> Church needs to present tradition and orthodoxy in new ways to keep it fresh to all involved
> Infectious speaker (Priest) when they are energized and excited about their message
> Rumi & Shams - a story of a mentor and soul friendship
> The story and lesson of the Dry Book
> You need to live your life not just read about it
> Rumi searching for the lost Shams
> Rumi's realization that Shams is always with him - a part of him
> Live the example of Jesus not just read and study it
> Set your mind to things that are above, not those things of the Earth
> Jesus waking Adam & Eve in the deepest parts of Hell
> Our message is not about sin and death, it is all about life
> "Don't fall asleep" - Jesus's request in Gethsemane
> The Church needs to open the doors and go out into the world and meet it's challenges head on - not just hide behind the doors of the Church
> Balancing tradition, ritual, change, and disruption
> The institutional creation of the church in Rome - was it a good or bad thing?
> The explosion of Punk Rock and how it shook a system of tradition and belief
> The pros and cons of hiding behind the walls of a University or Church
> Our transformation from personal relationships of higher learning mentors, teachers, and peers
> Universities set the table to create an army of people that will change the world in ways even the teachers can imagine
> The unknown powerful force of Jesus when he was no longer seen, held or Earthly

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