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Mar 23, 2017

Pulpit To Pew - Living Water - Beverly Gibson - Johnny Gwin - Christ Church Cathedral - Bruce Lee - Episcopal

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In this episode, Rev. Gibson and Johnny Gwin discuss the themes of meeting God and Living Water. What would it be like to meet Jesus? What would you say? Would you know who he was? Jesus's interaction with the Samarian women at Jacob's Well and his meeting with Nicodemus shows us a very "human" and intimate conversation with the people around him. Jesus seems to be an excellent listener and a teacher in these gospel stories from John. What could we learn about life and ourselves from such a personal conversation with Jesus?

Moses and his Israelites are also discussed, and we are reminded of the "human nature" to not only turn on each other but God when things look bad and not going our way? Beverly illustrates how Moses shows us (in Exodus) that God is always among us and he provides when we are in need. Is our faith and spirit strong enough to see God when we think he has abandoned us?

Hear Johnny actually describe the show summary accurately this week, and he manages to sneak in a Jean Grey (from X-Men) and Bruce Lee mention into today's conversation.

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What You Will Hear:

> Discussion of "setting a scene" with the intimate conversations that John describes in his Gospel (Nicodemus & Samarian Women at well)
> The Samarian Woman description and her significance
> The well at the center of the city and the importance of Jacob's Well
> Living Water = Moses delivers from a rock and Jesus discusses how we will deliver water that will quench your thirst forever
> Theme of "Living Water" - not stagnant but "flowing" from one person to another. Spirit and faith should be "flowing" through us and to each other
> "I am He" - how Jesus knew the Samarian woman
> The "human exchange" between Jesus and the Samarian Women
> The place of Samarian women in the Jewish world
> Jesus is the "deep listener" that can hear what reverberates through your soul
> Jean Grey (X-Men) and her burden of knowing what everyone thinks and feels
> To know what to do with someone's pain and weight when you can recognize it
> Third week of Lenten Journey of Spirit: meeting God
> Over 40 years the Israelites turn on and quarrel with Moses many times
> The actions and complaints of the Israelites is the story of "US."
> Beverly shares that she has given up "Facebook" for Lent
> Moses mighty Staff and his connection and relationship with God
> When things don't go our way - like the Israelites - we pick up a rock, shake or fist to the sky and blame God.
> Faith allows us to come back and God will provide for us
> Hearing God getting "tired and over" the Israelites and their straying from Him
> 40 years in the desert? Moses must have wandered in circles
> The controversy of where Mt. Sinai was located
> Biblical maps gives some readers a grounding to a place to help us understand a story and lesson
> Fleeing and hiding in "the Wilderness" is not a bad thing - it can be a regrouping and reenergizing time
> Jesus's ministry and journey in the wilderness until he "points his face toward Jerusalem"
> Moses also used "the Wilderness" to prepare to what was coming
> Meeting your Yoda in the Wilderness
> Finding focus and learning how to work without distractions - Cal Newport's Deep Work best-selling book
> Withdrawing from society and going deep in your inner world, thoughts, and feelings to find some clarity
> Carl Jung had to build a sanctuary to find his center and focus
> The importance and power of a retreat
> JK Rowling's technique to finish the last "Harry Potter" book
> Going deep to see God, Jesus, the world around us and the "real you"
> The difficult of judging ourselves
> Deeping diving into understanding ourselves (Christ Church Cathedral) with Ministry Architects
> Deep Listening and the Deep Listening Band and their music of reverberation and evolution of participating with the environment
> "Going with the flow" just like water
> Bruce Lee and his martial arts analogy of "being like water, not like the rock"
> Emerging from "The Wilderness" and the importance of the "parking lot" conversations with others
> Spiritual growth and opportunity in every interaction with people and places
> Are we the same person at 18 and at 38?
> Shutting out the world, looking inward, focusing and listening to others to discover who we are and what makes us happy
> Cal Newport's view of "letting go" of social media
> Balancing between the world of "letting go", the wilderness and the hustle and bustle of the world
> Of the Earth vs. not of this Earth balancing battle
> The lessons and the message from the discipline of Lent
> Johnny admits that excess social media and the disruptive world getting in the way of prayer and spirituality makes him as quarrelsome as the Israelites in the desert
> Living a life that embraces "minimalism"
>  The world and culture of "MORE"
> Lent is a good time for attendance at Church
> The purpose of a Sabbatical
> Katherine Deaton's living artisanal water well
> The Baptism - living water giving to you from a stagnant rock
> Pulpit To Pew suddenly turns into a financial podcast concerning oil, artisanal water, and the upcoming water supply bubble

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